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about Flight of the Buffalo

Kenneth Blanchard, Author, "The One Minute Manager"
...Ralph Stayer...is the hero of Tom Peter's management video 'The Leadership Alliance' and is absolutely the most creative management thinker to
Tom Peters, Author, "In Search of Excellence"
These are crazy times in the world's market place. They call for bold efforts on the part of business and political leaders. No business leader in America has been more bold, and few have been more successful, than Ralph Stayer. It is exciting to have contemplate Ralph and Jim Belasco, whose work and writings I respect enormously, teaming up to offer their insights to us.

Jerre Stead, former President, Ingram Micro
formerly President of Global Business Communications, Division of AT&T/NCR

This book is awesome. Jim and Ralph have done a wonderful job in a great book of helping all of us understand the changes we need to make and more importantly the opportunities we've got for our future. It is exciting. Their book can serve as a handbook of management for people throughout the industrial world of how to make things happen in the new environment of change we have today. It is a classic and one that I'm proud to have had an opportunity to review.

Lester Korn, Chairman Emeritus of Korn-Ferry International
(one of the world's largest executive recruiting firms)

Flight of the Buffalo" is the best of the new generation of proactive business books that effectively teaches by example and empowers the reader to achieve excellence in any operation.
Robert Kriegal, author "If It Ain't Broke...Break It!"
Hell of a book! Lots of great ideas, information and examples that will turn managers into leaders.

Human Resource Executive
"Ten Explosive Years of HR Ideas and Innovation," May 6, 1997

This book is a virtual procedural manual because it pairs the visionary concepts of two successful businessmen with nuts-and-bolts case histories.

Belasco and Stayer claim the old leadership model, in which the CEO sets an agenda and then attempts to motivate people to implement it, is truly outdated. The writers believe it has been replaced in a revolutionary new paradigm of employee leadership--the person doing the work must own the responsibility for it.

They lament what they call "feudal thinking" on the part of leaders and discuss how their leadership model can be applied directly to pressing business decisions.

"When Buffalo Fly," July 1993

"...it's a handbook for teaching employees to stop following and start taking initiative."

New Jersey Courier-Post  "Finally, Bosses Who Don't Just Stand Around And Give Orders" May 1993

"FLIGHT OF THE BUFFALO" is (an) image of traditional management's being like a buffalo herd, with the top buffalo making all the decisions and the herd buffalo standing around waiting for orders (with the hunters picking them off one by one). The metaphor for enlightened management is...a gaggle of geese. Geese don't have a leader. Each goose takes a turn at the tip of their V-formation and all watch out for hazards."

Floyd Resnick, TOTAL EMPLOYEE October 1993

"James Belasco and Ralph Stayer offer a revolutionary model of employee leadership--and sound, experience-based advice on how to get there.

The (text) returns again and again to the central question leaders must ask themselves: 'What am I doing or not doing, as a leader, that prevents people from assuming responsibility and performing at a new level?' Though Flight of the Buffalo reveals leadership insight gained by people 'at the top,' the blueprint for change it offers is applicable to all leaders interested in empowering people around them.




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