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We certainly hope that you've gotten a good sense of what Jim Belasco and Jerre Stead are all about by familiarizing yourself with the content of this website. These authors not only write about these principles-they really practice what they preach. We've compressed and made available to you a few video clips from a 30 minute television show all about the Phoenix concepts at work. Please enjoy them!

  1. Introduction - [RealVideo] [MPEG-1]
  2. The Phoenix - [RealVideo] [MPEG-1]
  3. Renewal - [RealVideo] [MPEG-1]
  4. Leadership - [RealVideo] [MPEG-1]
  5. Customer Satisfaction - [RealVideo] [MPEG-1]
  6. Conclusion - [RealVideo] [MPEG-1]




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