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"Soaring with the Phoenix offers a combination of anecdotes, solid logic, and targeted advice that provide thoughtful lessons for organizations and individuals truly interested in tapping into their own potential."

C. Michael Armstrong,  Chairman and CEO, AT&T

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Seize Tomorrow, Start Today

"Join the Revolution"

Two themes dominate this book as they dominate the world you live in.

The first theme screams at us from the headlines every day.  The earthquakes rearranging our economic landscape force us to rapidly change ourselves and our organizations.

The second theme speaks to us daily also -- only in a softer tone.  Nature speaks not of change but of renewal -- the renewal of the sun every day and the trees every spring.

Combining these two themes in our word revivolution (or rapid evolution that looks a lot like revolution).  Each and every one of us faces the urgent need to revivolute, our personal life, our career and our organization.

Thus was born our title:  Seize Tomorrow, Start Today:  Renew Your Vision, Revitalize Your Organization, and Stay ahead of the Future.  Tomorrow is coming!  Seize the opportunities that tomorrow will present.  Start now, so you will be ready when that golden ring flashes by.



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