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Reader Comments:

"Soaring with the Phoenix offers a combination of anecdotes, solid logic, and targeted advice that provide thoughtful lessons for organizations and individuals truly interested in tapping into their own potential."

C. Michael Armstrong,  Chairman and CEO, AT&T

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How To Soar

  Dare to soar above the ordinary - and challenge others to be extraordinary. Welcome to Soaring with the Phoenix. Let us help you revivolute your career and your organization.

  The message screams at us from the headlines and 6 PM news every day. "Times they are a'changing -- too fast for most of us." The earthquakes  rearranging our business, economic, political, technological and social landscapes force us to rapidly change our organizations and ourselves. But, change is a rare bird, talked about often and seen only rarely.

  A second message assaults our senses daily also, only in a softer and dulcet tone. See nature's way of change in the daily sunrise and sunset and in the changing of the seasons. Nature speaks not of change but of renewal - the renewal of the sun every day and the trees every spring.

  Combining these two threads is our word revivolution - renewal through revolution (or rapid evolution that looks a lot like revolution). Each and every one of us, in our personal and career lives faces the urgent need to revivolute.

  Thus is born our use of the Phoenix - that mythical symbol of the continuing self-renewing life-force. Throughout the pages of history the Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of optimism, representing organizations, nations and individuals that emerge, rise, soar, rebound, return, make amazing comebacks, reappear and spring eternal - all through growing people to meet and overcome difficulties.

  Our challenge is to become the self-renewing Phoenix in our personal and professional lives, revivoluting to meet the ever changing needs of all the good people with whom we are connected. We'll provide three tools to help you: gain Line of Sight to all those important people with whom you are connected, energize Learning for yourself and others, and create a Legacy that outlives you.

  Soaring with the Phoenix sounds three themes - three Phoenix red and gold threads: Continual Renewal, developing Phoenix Leadership that simultaneously develops "soft" heart connections and "hard" fact-based, disciplined decisions making, and building the Phoenix Pyramid that provides the launching pad for future growth. With segments on self-evaluation and specially designed Phoenix workshop sections we'll show you how to step beyond the boundaries to:
bullet Renew yourself and revitalize your business
bullet Reinvigorate employees' spirits
bullet Energize learning and create a learning organization
bullet Create your own breakthrough future
bullet Create a culture that values performance and continuous learning
bullet Fashion relationships with customers and associates that enable you to exceed their expectations
bullet Build a customer-focused, people-based organization
bullet Leave a legacy that makes a difference

  If you want to revitalize your career or your business, then Soaring with the Phoenix is a must-read for you. Our rich personal experience and systematic proven methods will inspire you to unleash the hidden power of your business and your associates - and discover the depths of your own potential. The book puts you right in the middle of the meetings, deadlines and challenges faced by breakthrough companies and individuals. It challenges you to take yourself and your organization to a higher level, daring you to soar above the ordinary and become extraordinary.

Read and become actively engaged in the Phoenix. 



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