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New Tomorrows With New Rules Arrive Too Soon

Tomorrow arrives too quickly for most of us. Stuck in the mire of today's rules that no longer work, we flail around. The answer is right before our eyes. Invent a new tomorrow! Moses Znaimer did in Toronto and created Citytv a "studio-less television studio with program-less television programming." Sam Walton did when he created Wal-Mart and brought big town assortment and prices to small towns. Our next door neighbor, Miss Emily Shamir did when she quit her secretary's job and went back to school to become an accountant. Like millions of others, Moses, Sam and Emily became a Phoenix and soared past their yesterdays on their way to a more beautiful tomorrow.

New Life Chasing White Balls On The Greens

Dan was 47 when we met him - a senior vice president for information technology for a major money center bank. Dan had it all: a top job in a cutting edge profession with a growing company, and a new beautiful wife complete with the three children he never had time to have. Two years later we encountered Dan at an Information Technology conference. Still had the beautiful wife and family, but was now with another company. "My former company decided to out source IT, so I became excess baggage. A great out-placement package enabled me to land with this smaller company, at just about what I was making, with a real opportunity to make a difference. My family loves the new location. I'm set for life."

Maybe. But, "life" turned out to be a lot shorter than Dan imagined. We ran into Dan at a restaurant recently and got caught up on his activities. "Left that company within a year. They wanted 90 hours a week from me. It was too much. Talked it over with my wife and kids and decided that life was too short to invest that much in somebody else's future. Why not invest it in my own, we figured? I quit the job and went to golf school to become a pro golfer. At age 51 I decided to do what I've always wanted to do - play and teach golf. Cut back on our expenses and lived on our savings for the year I went to school. Now I'm the assistant pro at the big course in town and loving every minute. Come on out and play a few holes. Who knows what you might decide to do."

Dan's a "Member in Good Standing" in the Revivolutionary Army. Are you ready to join him?

The Continually Renewing Phoenix: The Pulse Of Life

"Okay, okay," you say. "I got it. I've got to revivolute. But, I've tried that before, and failed. I've quit smoking nineteen times. I've been on seventeen crash diets that only add inches to my waistline. How do I revivolute?"

Look around you for the answer. Self-renewal is the way. See self-renewal in living color blossoming before your eyes. From the ever-renewing sunrise to the season-changing colors on the trees, we live a life that continuously rejuvenates itself - and ourselves. Renewal is a natural and permanent part of life. Plants renew themselves. People renew themselves. Organizations renew themselves. Revivolute yourself through self renewal.

The Phoenix is the symbol of the continually-renewing life force. Each culture painted a very similar picture of the self renewing Phoenix: beautiful sunrise-sunset gold and crimson feathers, a bird which renews itself, a soaring spirit that periodically emerges in newly recreated forms. For all of humankind's history, the phoenix was the symbol of hope for the future -- and of our enduring capacity to create infinitely better tomorrows for others and ourselves.

Now Is The Best For Renewal.

[Woman]Standing on desktops in Dead Poets Society Robin Williams shouted, "Carpe Diem"- seize the day. Now is the time for renewal. We live in good times - good economic times, and good times to move on to new lives. One executive told me, "I'm going to die in six months. Not a physical death. But my life in this job will end in six months. Once I complete the projects on which I'm working - and that will take about six months - I will stop doing what I'm doing. I will have made the last big payment on my retirement annuity. The last child will be out of school. At 52, it's time to think about what I want to do with the rest of my life." This "What do I want to do with the rest of my life" theme resounds in executive suites, plant floors, classrooms and living rooms.

Phoenix Workshop

Use the following form to have Jim Belasco and Jerre Stead help you internalize these principles.

Think about and list the renewals you've experienced in your own life. (Authors' note: We've lived at least nine lives signifying nine renewals: child, student, spouse, parent, young professional, manager, teacher, consultant and mentor. Now, if we were cats maybe we'd worry. But, we believe we have several more renewals and lives to live!)

What renewal do you want to undertake next?

What first step can you take NOW to launch this renewal?

Email Address:

To help you answer these questions you might check with the tools sections: Line of Sight, Learn, and Legacy.

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