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Soaring with the Phoenix Table of Contents

1.  The Continually Renewing Phoenix: The Herald of Revivolution

...Heavy Human Traffic: Searching to be “Something” to “Somebody”
...Now is the Hour: Heed the Need for Revivolution
...These are the Best of Times; For Revivoluting Futures!
...Join the Revivolution: Follow the Footprints of Other
Revivoluting Individuals
...The Phoenix Metaphor for Revivolutionary Self Renewal


...First, Renew Yourself: Create a Future that Makes a Difference
and Leaves A Legacy
...Second, Plug Into Your Connections: Ah, What a Web of Business
And Personal Connections We Weave
...Third, Create Success for All Your Connections
...Fourth, Learn More to Contribute More to Other’s Success
...Fifth, Take Ownership of Your Company and Your Life


PART 1: Principles
PART 2: Phoenix Leadership
PART 3: The Phoenix Pyramid

2.   We Are All in This Together: People Need People on the Global Net

...We Are All Connected: Everyone is Linked to Everything
...Interdependencies: People Need People Who Need People
...Customer Success is the Focus and the Glue
...Summary: Alignment Across Your Personal Network

3.  Imprinting the Success Equation: The Phoenix’s Mentality

...The Success Equation: The Mentality of the Self-Renewing Phoenix
...Mentality in the Marketplace: Drivers of End-User Customer Success
...Mentality on the Bigger Stage: Enabling Success for our Communities
...Creating Success for Shareowners
...Summary: The Self-Renewing Phoenix Principles


4.  The Timeless Light of Phoenix Leadership: 10,000 Watts, 10,000 Facts,
10,000 Tomorrows

...Facts Are Our Friends: Surround Yourself With Them
...Wake Up: The Future is All Around You
...Shine the Light on Hopes and Dreams: Speak the Language
of Aspiration
...Conduct a Search and Discovery Mission with Your Customers
...Personal Pronouns
...Stand in the Light: Cast Your Shadow: Be a Sterling Example
...Summary: Power Up the Search Light

5.  Engage the People: Blood, Sweat and Trust

...The Phoenix Leadership Moment
...Avoid the Moses Mind-Set Trap: It’s About Us--As a People
...Up Front and Personal: Please Mother, I’ve Got to Do it Myself
...Narrow the Focus: Covert “Can Do’s” Into “Must Do’s”
Into “Will Do’s”
...Create Disciples: True Believers Who Spread the Word
...Dealing With the Non-Believer

6.  Prioritize Precious Resources: Serious Goals Require Serious Hours, People and Dollars

...The Challenge: Line Up the Most Valuable Resources with the Most
Important Goals
...Customers Set the Agenda
...Set Priorities Close to Your Customers--With Your Vision and
Mission Flags Flying High
...Leverage Your Most Precious Resource: Peoples’ Learning
...Recall Solomon - Lots is Riding on the Baby
...They Won’t Build Tomorrow with Cardboard and Tape -
Provide the Tools
...Summary: A Tale of Two Leaders

7.  Unleash the Power of Ownership and Curb Victimitis, the Disorder You Give Yourself

...Owners Win - Victims Whine
...With a Clear Purpose, Owners Create Their Future
...Unleash the Cyclone of Personal Capability
...Feedback Powers Up Ownership
...Get Educated Or Get Obliterated

8.  Energize Learners: Open Doors, Break Through Walls, Let the Future In

...Be the Chief Learning Officer
...Build the Learning Platform to Launch the Learning Rocket
...Make Knowledge More Powerful Than Rank
...Make Your Universe Your University: Multiply the Learning,
Square the Value Contributed, and Exponentially Increase Your
Personal Security
...Summary: Phoenix Leadership


9.  Focus, Alignment and Integration: by Design: Vision, Mission and Values

...The Pyramid: Enduring the Hot Desert Winds
...Vision: The Beacon That Lights the Road Ahead
...Mission: Binoculars That Focus Our Field of Dreams
...Values: The Compass That Guides Us to Always Do the Right Thing
...Summary: Vision, Mission, Values

10.  Getting There Means Getting Real: Creating Workable Goals And Strategies

...Goals: The Dream Deliverables
...Strategies: Roadmaps to Future Success
...Appendix: Customer Focus Strategies

11.  Getting it Done in the Trenches: Disciplined Management Systems

...Objectives: The Hard Work Connecting the Million Dots
...Measures: Keep Score, Learn More, Do More
...Rewards, Encouraging Repeat Performances

12.  The Pyramid Framing: Beams, Girders and Business Processes

...Business Processes: Beams and Girders
...Get Your Marching Orders From the Boss - The Customer
...Go With the Flow: The Work Flow, That Is
...Thee Are No Spectators: Involve Everyone Who Touches the Process
...Process Champions Bring Out the Best in Processes and People
...Processes Are the Pyramid Implementers: Vision and Values in Action
...Exercise the Discipline Muscle to Build That Strong Framing
...Summary: Processes and Our Quality of Life

13.  Information and Communication Infrastructures: Power Lines That Energize the Pyramid

...Designed and Owned by and for the People
...Informationalize Everything: Make Information Easy to Get and Use
...The Information Smorgasbord: Get Your Customer-Designed
Data Meal Piping Hot
...How Are We Doing? Scoreboard Mirrors Everywhere You Look
...Face to Face Communication: When You Care Enough to Give
Your Very Best
...Thrive on the Thrill of What You Are Becoming!
...Use Knowledge to Promote Learning: Power Lines That Reach
Into Tomorrow
...The Great Challenge We Face: A World So Technology-Rich,
and Communication Poor

14.  Leave a Timeless, Personal Legacy: Your Finest Hour Is Yet to Be!

...Be Your Own Metaphor: Be A Phoenix
...Leave A Legacy - Make A Difference
...Power Up Those Human Learnin’ Machines
...Establish Heart Connections
...Be the World You Want to See


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