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 Teaching the Elephant to Dance

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Reader's Comments

Reader's Comments about Teaching the Elephant to Dance

  Paul Layzell, Managing Director BMW (GB) Limited
'Teaching the Elephant to Dance' is an invaluable handbook for change. I urge CEO's to distribute this book widely throughout their organizations, and use it to trigger the changes we will need to make to survive...

  William H. Wilson, President Pioneer Eclipse

...should be required reading for all new MBA's...

  Patrick McGovern Founder and Chairman, International Data Group

In the era of high technology and global competition, success will only come to companies that understand corporate hierarchies and centralized decision-making are no longer effective. This book explains why.

  Henry Bloch, Chairman and CEO H&R Block, Inc.

Because of competitive pressure worldwide, U.S. companies must be willing to change. This book gives management clear, simple and effective ways to make that change happen. It is an important vision for the 1990's.

  Susan Stein, President Omni Research and Training, Inc.

The book's Personal Workshop sections were most beneficial. These gave me a chance to stop and reflect on the meaning of your theories to me and my company.

  William Oncken III, President The William Oncken Corporation

Our first rule for getting monkeys off your back is to decide which ones to shoot and which ones to feed. Belasco's first rule for getting elephants to dance is to cut chains and set fire to the tent. Whether the task is to get welfare monkeys to work or bureaucratic elephants to change, the basic premise is the same: you must push power down to get production and profits up.

  David Doud, Director Human Resources Richardson Electronics

...an excellent book. It will be placed permanently in my libvrary and frequently pulled out for refreshing my memory. It really brought home to my attention the need for vision. Whether it be company wide or department wide. Without this vision, you stumble along blindly.
  Warren Bennis, Author On Becoming A Leader
"One of the most useful books I've read on how to prepare organizations for the white knuckle decade of the 90's."

  Ken Shelton, Editor Executive Excellence

"No organization in today's world can afford to be fat and unresponsive. A bias for action--based on clear vision and strategic planning--is what makes the elephant dance. James Belasco's clarion call for change should be heeded by every company that hopes to survive and compete successfully. He teaches us that many companies, like elephants, are bound by conditioning--the way things have always been done. His book, in effect, sets fire to the circus tent. And when the elephant smells the smoke, things will change fast."
  Charles Garfield, Author Peak Performances: The Heroes of American Business
TEACHING THE ELEPHANT TO DANCE is a fine contribution to our understanding of organizational change. I recommend it highly as a survival manufal for the 1990's as we are confronted with opportunity and overload. Dr. Belasco offers us a practical guide for a world turned upside-down."

  Ronald Blue, Practice Administrator Dillman Eye Care

"Pertinent in its content and superb in its style. What really catapults this book above others are the personal workshops, which facilitate the application of key points. I refer to the personal workshops religiously. It should be required reading of all business students, managers and executives who sincerely wish to achieve excellence in their respective organizations."

  Michele Wong, Executive Vice President Digital Information Systems Corporation

"I purchased copies of the book for our entire Management Committee and used it as a basis for our yearly planning."

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