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for Flight of the Buffalo


1. The Challenge of Leadership:
Our Personal Journey
The Old Leadership Paradigm: The Head Buffalo and the Herd
The New Leadership Paradigm: A Flock of Geese
It Isn't as Easy as It Looks: The Ved-up Herd

2. Can the Head Buffalo Become the Lead Goose?
The Search for the Leadership Recipe
I Needed a Guide to Make the Journey
The "Fix Them" Mentality
The Realization: I Got What I Wanted, but I Need
Something Different Now
First Reactions Are Usually Wrong
People Rise to the Challenge -- When It Is Their Challenge
Success Is Always the Enemy

3. The Shocker: "I Am the Problem"
Being the Lead Victim Is the Big Problem
Victimitis Is an Epidemic
Leaders Add Value by Helping People Feel Powerful
Rather than Helpless
The Magic Conversion Question
I Loved the Comfort of My Chains
The Chains of "the Way I Am" Prevent Getting What I Want

4. Leading in an Upside-Down World
Things Don't Work the Way They Used to
Current Leadership Thought Robs Leader Power
The Golden Rake Example of Obsolete Leadership Thought
Cadavers of Leadership Paradigms: 100 Years and Still Stinking


Introduction --
The Principles of Leading in an Intellectual Capitalism World

5. Transfer Ownership
Upward Delegation is the Curse
World-Class Rescuers Are World-Class Losers
The People Propose; the Manager Disposes: The Loss/Loss Game
The People Propose; the People Dispose: The Win/Win Game
Restrain Yourself from Helping People out of
Their Responsibilities

6. Create the Ownership Environment
The First Strategic Decision Is "Who Should Make the Decision?"
Modify Systems to Enable Ownership
People Need to Know the Results of Ownership Actions
If You Want Ownership Behavior, Pay for It
Managing External Chaos While Keeping Customer Focus

7. Coaching Personal Competence
Anyone's a Coach--Everyone's a Coach
Asking Questions and Not Giving Answers
Create Certainty Through Focused Conversations
on Great Performance
Involve Customers in the Continuing Conversation Stream
Coaches Raise Expectations
Coaching Questions

8. Leadership Is Learning
Change Is the Natural State
Geese Survive; Buffalo Perish
Learn from Success Without Being Trapped by It
Changing Leadership Behavior Doesn't Come Easy--
It Requires Learning First
I Don't Know How to Get There. I Just Know I Have to Go


Introduction --
Lead the Journey so Others Follow
The Four Leadership Tasks in Leading the Journey

9. The Magic of Vision
Vision Is the Focus
Vision Sees What Must Be Tomorrow, Beyond What Is Today
Customers Help You See the Vision
Vision Inspires
Vision is Clarity
Vision Is a Worthy Commitment


Introduction --
Leaders Focus on Great Performance for Customers

10. Focus Provides Motivation
Customers Are Where It All Begins
People Are Motivated: They Need Focus

11. What Do Customers Really Buy?
How Can You Find Out?
Leaders Focus on Customers--and So Does Everyone Else

12. The Market Is a Great Place to Plant
Your Company

Focus on Finding the Location: Where the Customers Are
Location Isn't Just a Physical Place--It's Also a State of Mind
Seek and Thou Shalt Discover the Location
Leaders Design Systems and Structures That Help Keep
the Focus on the Location

13. The Customer Is the Boss:
Productive Partnerships with the Boss

From Selling to Partnering
Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
Begin with the Customer's Business
Peering into the Cloudy Crystal Ball Can Stir Partnering Desires

14. Reading the Tea Leaves
Business Is a Cycle: What Goes up Comes down, and Vice Versa
Create Your Own CIA to Avoid Surprises
Everyone's a Futurist

15. Focus on Great Performance for Your Customers
Is This the Best You/We Can Do?
Leadership, Not Status-Quo-ship
Thinking Incrementally Manages Forward from Today
Thinking Strategically Manages Backward from the Future

16. How High Is Up?
Best Today. . .Gone Tomorrow
Winning Isn't Final. There's Always a Game Tomorrow
Up is Never Where You Are Now
Customers Help Us See How High Up Is Up

17. It's Their Checkbook
Fire Some Customers--You Can't Afford Them
Busy Assets Are Happy Assets
We've Always Done It This Way, It Must Be the Only Way
It's Their Checkbook

18. Your Competitor Is Your Best Friend
Competitors Are Friends in Disguise
See It from the Customer's Point of View
Everyone's a Tracker--Everyone's an Executor

19. Create Value-Added Strategies
Value Is Solving the Customer's Problems
Value Is Doing It Better than Anybody Else

20. Nichemanship/Domination: Own It or Forget It
Find Niche Applications for Commodity Products
Know Your Customer--and Use That Knowledge
"If All Your Eggs Are in One Basket,
Watch That Basket" J.C. Penney

21. A Rose by Any Other Name Probably Wouldn't Sell
Pictures Create Focus and Feelings--and That's What
Customers Really Buy
The Product Name Must Paint the Picture
Every Activity and Every Person Must Create the Picture

22. If You Don't Lose 20 Percent of Your Business
on Price, Your Prices Aren't High Enough

Pricing Provides Focus on Great Performance for Customers
The Biggest Battle over Price Is Not with Customers.
It's with Myself
Pricing Creates Value

23. Sharing the Sandbox
Focus on Finding Partners
The New World Order: Partnership, Not Domination
Technology Helps Build Partnerships
Win/Win or Lose/Lose



24. Systems and Structures Call the Tune
Align Systems and Structures
Systems Send Powerful Messages
Performance Management System
Information System
Reward System
Structures Sound Clarion Calls

25. Measuring Performance for Fun and Profit
Bad Measurements Are Big Obstacles
People Who Know How Well They Are Doing Will Do Well
Feeling Good Versus Being Good

26. Making the Customer the Boss
Get the Experts to Measure Customer Satisfaction
If You Want Service, Pay for Service
Eliminate the Organizational Barriers to Focusing on the Customer
Use Systems to Build Partnerships for the Future

27. The People Who Do It Must Know About It
Getting the Right Information to the Wrong People
Is A Big Obstacle

28. Beware the Siren Call
Symptoms Are Sirens--They Attract the Sailor to the Rocks
The Best Way to Get Teamwork Is to Give the Team Work
If You Want Teamwork, Change the Systems


Introduction - Get Ready to Change Your Mind-set

29. The Two Levels of Ownership:
Avoiding Victimitis

I Peddled and Practiced the Old Paradigm
The Problem Is the Old Paradigm Does Not Work
The New Paradigm: Two Different Owners
Ask Questions
Insist on Meeting Tough Standards
Confront People with Reality
Conversations about Great Performance Are
the Grist for the Leader's Mill

30. You Can't Confer a Benefit on an
Unwilling Recipient

You Can Take the Horse to Water, but You Can't Make It Drink
If You Want the Horse to Drink, Make Sure It's Thirsty
Leaders Demonstrate and Model


Introduction -
After All Is Said and Done, There Is Far More Said than Done

31. Leaders Proact, Not React
Great Leaders Prevent Problems, Not Solve Them
The Same Old Actions Will Get Us the Same Old Results
Leaders Use Actions That Transfer Ownership

32. Get Rid of Nonessentials: Eliminate the Weeds
Sales for Vanity, Profits for Sanity
Raid Your Own Business

33. You Get What You Accept
My Expectations Influence What I Accept
What I Accept Determines What Others Expect to Give Me
The Leader Sets the Standard and the Expectations
You Get What You Accept from Your Customers Too

34. Master Polar Bear Club Management
Practice Polar Bear Club Management
Carpe Diem--Seize the Day with Great Performance for Customers
My First Loss Is My Best Loss
If Sleeping Dogs Lie Too Long, They Will Bite When Awakened
"If it were done, when 'tis done, then 'twere well
It were done quickly"--Hamlet

35. Do What You Do Best--Give Away the
Rest to Someone Else

Fixing Is the Wrong Work
Hard Work Is Not Its Own Reward
Slipping off the Wagon and Forgetting Is Easy

36. Get the Right Players in the Right Positions
You Can't Coach Tall--Get the Best Person
Organize Around Weaknesses
I Never Heard of Anyone Lying on His Deathbed Saying,
"I Fired That Person Too Soon"
Be a Sorter, Not a Savior


Introduction - Learning Is the Door to Tomorrow

37. Leading Is Learning
Learn to Leave My Comfort Zone Behind
Learn to Give It Up
Learning New Leadership Patterns Isn't What You Know,
It's What You Do
Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly--
At Least in the Beginning

38. Great Teacher #1: Mistakes
Mistakes Are Not Sins
Mistakes Are Great Feedback Mechanisms
Falling down and Getting up Is As Much a Part of
Skiing as Schussing and Cutting
Mistakes Trigger Learning

39. Great Teacher #2: Fear
The "They" Cover-up
The "Nothing but the Facts, Ma'am" Cover-up
The"Factual Vomit" Cover-up
What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen --
and What Can I Do About It if It Does?
Action Destroys Fear
Use Fear to Increase Performance

40. Great Teacher #3: Anger
Elicit the Right Help in Changing--Some Help Is No Help at All
Focus on Performance to Overcome Anger
Anger Sends the Message "It's Time to Confront the Situation"
Anger Tells Us We're the Wrong Person in the Wrong Place
I'm Mad as Hell and Won't Take It Anymore

41. Great Teacher #4: Stubbornness
Stand up for What You Believe
Stubborn for the Wrong Cause:
MY Ideas to the Exclusion of All Others
Stubborn for the Right Cause--Delighting Customers
Stubborn for Another Right Cause--Great Performance

42. Great Teacher #5: Divorce
For Everything There Is a Season
Beware Sleeping with Corpses
Grear Performance Discussions Raise the Bottom
Managing Backward from the Future Encourages
Constructive Endings
Use the Divorce to Send the "This Is What We Believe" Message

43. The Eternal Circle: Doing, Learning, Changing
Business Is a Metaphor for Life
The Business of Business is Learning
Business is Not a Spectator Sport
Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Now
Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Prepare for It Today
Do It Because It's The Right Thing to Do
Do Not Take Counsel of Your Fears
The Journey--the Unfinished Symphony
The Bottom Line: To Be or Not to Be


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