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 Large Computer Company 

Developed and implemented custom designed "Program For Success" for use in building partnerships with third party distribution agents in the United Kingdom and Canada. Coached owners of agent firms in the development and implementation of new customer focused strategies and the implementation of new management cultures in their firms and country agent managers in the development of the third party channel. Showed 42% year over year growth in agent profitability and 34% increase in hardware/software revenues.

 Large International Airline 

Designed and implemented their Quality Improvement Program that resulted in being chosen "Airline of the Year" twice. Coached management at all levels in new leadership style. Led the implementation of major system wide culture change.

 Multi-billion Dollar Electronics Distributor 
Coached the Chairman in the design and implementation of new corporate culture, enrolling all associates in the program. Also assisted in the design and implementation of a Knowledge Center that centralized all information about customers, employees, suppliers and competitors.
 International Rapidly Growing Financial Services Firm 
Did several projects. One involved empowerment throughout their insurance subsidiary and re-focusing of their agent distribution program. Coached/ trained all managers in new leadership style. Reversed three consecutive years of market share decline, adding four new share points. Boosted margins by 17% through more effective bottoms-up financial control.

Another involved using Notes/ Groupware technology combined with the disciplined management system that developed (INTERLOCKED PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - IPAMS) to align the talents and contributions of bank employees from Beijing to London. Coached managers in implementing new management culture. Resulted in a 9% reduction in overhead expenditures while growing the bank 21%.

Another involved integrating a new insurance company acquisition. Established IPAMS within the newly merged units that resulted in faster than expected absorption.

Another project involved entering a newly privatized insurance market in Eastern Europe. Helped them craft an entrance strategy, put together a recruitment strategy and organizational structure. Secured 27% market share within two years.

 Brazilian Subsidiary of a Large Consumer Products Firm 
Coached the Country Manager in the design and implementation of a new Account Management sales strategy. Assisted in the implementation of a factory floor empowerment program that represented a major culture change.
 Rapidly Growing Middle Ware Software Company 
Coached management team in the development of vision, mission, values, strategies and goals to enroll entire organization in their implementation. Coached Chairman in implementing management systems that established objectives, measures and rewards that supported the new vision, values and strategies. Company sold within six months for twice market cap.
 Major Computer Firm 

Worked with Chairman to implement new customer focused corporate culture. Developed new market strategies, consolidated market focus, implemented value based selling activity. Increased close rate by 27% and margins by 11%.

 Large Telecommunications Company 

Helped implement new performance oriented corporate culture. Developed new "pay for up-time" marketing strategy. Converted a $390 million loss into a $105 million profit in one year.

 Large US Food Retailer 

Developed category management program which involved market basket analysis to identify affinity purchasing profiles by customer segment, the building of data warehouses, identification and use of querying tools to access data, the training of management and customer contact staff in data warehouse use and installing customer loyalty programs. Increased margins 32% and market share by 1 share points.

 Large Mass Merchandiser 
Coached senior management team in the design and implementation of supply chain reinvention using demand forecasting, continuous replenishment and reinvented warehouse logistics. Reduced days in the supply chain by 45%, doubled inventory turnover and reduce out of stocks by 60%. Trained employees in using the new data management tools.
 Very Large Medical Distributor 
Coached the installation of manufacturer-to-end-user EDI connections that shaved 50% off days in supply and improved fill rates to highest levels in industry. Coached the Chairman in the development of new strategies that capitalized on market place trends and re-positioned the company to move into new areas. Implemented my disciplined management system (IPAMS) that enabled the company to dig out of a loss position.
 Large Food Distributor 
Assisted in supply chain re-invention that reduced inventories by 37%, distribution costs by 42%, out-of-stock merchandise by 14%, increased market share by 12% and margins by 31%. Re-designed internal business processes and organizational structures.
 Building Supply Company 
Pioneered use of e-mail and IPAMS as an alignment creating communications device. Coached management team in implementing new performance oriented culture. Helped grow the business by 25% in a flat market.
 Entertainment Company 

Did several projects for this company. Introduced and coached the use of data based marketing techniques that identified purchasing drivers for Most Profitable Customers and facilitated one-to-one marketing efforts. Increased market penetration by 32%.

Also developed and help implement the disciplined management system (IPAMS) throughout the organization, resulting in increased spans of control and decreased overhead costs. Coached management team.

Also helped implement customer focused teams throughout the organization. Established real-time customer feedback mechanisms and compensation systems that paid based on customer feedback.

 Hospitality Chain 

Performed several projects for this company. Coached the implementation of a new customer focused culture and disciplined management system (IPAMS). Enrolled entire organization in implementation. Company achieved highest margins in history, three major customer satisfaction awards and eleven Community awards.

Designed the collection and analysis of customer profile data - using Polk, Donnelly, and other published data banks in a data warehouse using data mining tools. Coached property location managers to enroll all associates in the "Know Your Guest" program. Boosted return business by 47%.

 Major Snack Foods Company 
Designed and implemented a self directed work team/ empowerment structure that reduced factory management staffing by 65%. Coached division and factory managers in new corporate culture. Quality rose to highest levels in history, out of stocks fell to lowest levels ever recorded, market share rose four full points and margins increased 32%.

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