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"I found Flight of the Buffalo an extraordinary articulate argument in favor of a proposition every American manager must face up to. To change our organizations and their behavior, we must change ourselves and our behavior! This book should help us all flap our wings!"

Robert Crandall, Chairman and President
American Airlines

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Flight of the Buffalo


Most leaders act like head buffalos, giving orders and making decisions. Everyone else is a member of the herd, following instructions. Hard-driving head buffalos and their well-intentioned herd followers suffer the same fate as the buffalo on the plains: consistently outmaneuvered by more nimble, quick-thinking competitors.

Together with Ralph Stayer, CEO of Johnsonville Foods, we offer a new leadership role: leading the journey focused on delivering Great Performance that delights customers. Rather than a following herd, people learn and grow to become a self directed, inter-dependent flock of geese. Everyone knows the common direction, assumes leadership when necessary, and rearranges the structure to best meet customer demands. We've done it and we show you in Buffalo how to: set value-added prices, identify and dominate profitable niche markets, anticipate and prepare for the future, measure performance in even the most ambiguous situations and establish bonus plans that really work.

The book offers step-by-step advice on how to "Lead The Journey" from a herd of dependent, standing-around-waiting-for-instructions buffalo to a flock of inter-dependent, leadership seeking geese - all focused on delighting customers.

  Ralph Stayer is a courageous, pioneering CEO and the hero of Tom Peters best-selling video "The Leadership Alliance." He's earned "CEO of The Year Award" and leads what's been called "The Most Advanced Employee Self-Managed Organization in America." His organization, Johnsonville Foods, is the most frequently cited example of unleashing the power of learning and growing people to create outstanding business results. He consults with such organizations as: AT&T, Frito-Lay, BMW, and McDonnell Douglas.


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